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Books and Critical Editions

  • DANEK, Petr: Historické tisky vokální polyfonie, rané monodie, hudební teorie a instrumentální hudby v českých zemích do roku 1630. Se soupisem tisků z let 1488-1628 uložených v Čechách [Historical Prints of Vocal Polyphony, Early Monody, Music Theory, and Instrumental Music in the Bohemian Lands before 1630 (Supplemented with a List of Prints published between 1488 and 1628, now in Czech collections], Prague: Koniasch Latin Press, 2015. For ordering click here.
  • Codex Kutenbergensis (Museum Nationalis Pragae - Museum Musicae Bohemiae, sign. AZ 33). Edited by Jan Bata, Prague: Koniasch Latin Press, 2008. For ordering click here.
  • Luython Online.
  • ZANOTTI, Camillo: Il primo libro de madrigali a cinque voci, Venezia, Angelo Gardano, 1587. Edited by Josef Sebesta, Prague: Koniasch Latin Press (forthcoming).
  • ZACKOVA ROSSI, Michaela: The Musicians at the Court of Rudolf II. The Musical Entourage of Rudolf II (1576-1612) Reconstructed from the Imperial Accounting Ledgers, Prague: Koniasch Latin Press, 2017. For ordering click here.


Following editions are involved within diploma theses and seminar papers supervised by Petr Danek in the Seminar of Music of High Renaissance and Early Baroque at the Institute of Musicology of Charles University in Prague. During the year 2015, the material was critically revised and converted to a fully electronic format. This project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (protocol nr. MK-S 13139/2013 OULK).


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