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Team Projects

  • THE "LUYTHON YEAR" CONFERENCE. Three-day international symposium commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of the composer and organist of Carl Luython (1557/58–1620). Further information here.
  • MUSIC IN RUDOLFINE PRAGUE. Interdisciplinary collective monograph of eighteen authors, leading experts, both established scholars and those in the early stages of their careers. Among the contributors are those from Musica Rudolphina team as well as external collaborators (Carmelo Comberiati, Marie-Elizabeth Ducreux, Iain Fenlon, Daniele Filippi, David R. Holeton, Moritz Kelber, Franz Körndle, Pavel Kůrka, Mathias Lundberg, Brian Mann, Karl Vocelka). The book is edited by Christian Leitmeir and Erika Honisch. Nineteen chapters overall, distributed into five parts (I: Court – Church – City; II: Musical Repertoires and Genres; III: Musical Sources and Artefacts; IV: Contexts of Music; V: Networks and Cross-Cultural Exchange), will seek to capture all facets of musical life in Prague systematically, establishing a clear and accessible tone suitable to a scholarly audience of non-specialists.The book will appear in 2017 at Brill within its series Brill’s Companions to the Musical Culture of Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

  • MUSIC IN RUDOLFINE BOHEMIA. Joint-project with monthly music journal Harmonie started in May 2014. It presents musical culture of Rudolfine Prague and Bohemia to wide music-loving public in the Czech Republic. Among the contributors are Czech members of Musica Rudolphina. Hitherto published articles: Petr DANĚK – Jan BAŤA: Symphonia Rudolpho Secundo, Romanorum Imperatori semper Augusto decantata aneb výzkum rudolfínské hudby v mezinárodním kontextu, May 2014, p. 3-4; Michaela ŽÁČKOVÁ-ROSSI: Na dvoře Rudolfa II., August 2014, p. 4-5; Jan BAŤA: Hudba v rudolfínské Praze, September 2014, p. 3-4; Petr DANĚK: Hudební tisk v rudolfínské době, November 2014, p. 3-4; Hana TILLMANOVÁ: Tanec v době rudolfínské, January 2015, p. 3-4; Šárka HÁLEČKOVÁ – Jan BILWACHS: Carl Luython jako rudolfínský skladatel motet a madrigalů, March 2015, p. 4-5; Petra JAKOUBKOVÁ: Jiří Nigrin z Nigropontu – mistr rudolfínského nototisku, duben 2015, forthcoming.

Individual Projects

  • BAŤA, Jan
    • Musical Culture in Prague 1526-1620: Situation, Sources, Institutions (GA ČR, reg. no. 408/09/1922)

  • DANĚK, Petr
    • Corpus of Historical Musical Prints preserved in the Czech Republic, I: 1500-1630 (GA ČR, reg. no. 408/09/1857)

  • ŽÁČKOVÁ ROSSI, Michaela
    • Musicians at the Court of Rudolf II in the Imperial Account Books 1576-1612 (GA ČR, reg. nos. 408/06/0449 & P409/10/1028)
    • Musicians at the Court of Rudolf II in the Imperial Account Books 1576-1612 - 1st part (GA UK, reg. no. 1288213)
    • Music Family of Zykota (Zigotta) z Perknýřova Ostrova. Contribution to the Knowledge of Civic Life in Rudolfine Prague (Internal grant FF UK,, reg. no. VG 141)

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