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Name and Surname: Laura Mathilde Louise Hafner
Academic Degrees: B.A., M.A.
Year and Place of Birth: 1992 Wiesbaden (Germany)
Institutional Affiliation: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz; Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz; Evangelisches Dekanat Wiesbaden

Curriculum Vitae: Graduated in musicology at the Institute for Art History and Musicology (Department of Musicology) of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (B.A. Musicology and Theatre Studies, M.A. Musicology), where she works as a research associate on her dissertation project (subjects: sources from the Rudolphine court, Jacobus Chimarrhaeus’ musical foundation, Stefano Felis as a guest in Rudolphine Prague, Cologne Hardenrath Foundation). Furthermore, she is a student assistant for the Complete Edition of the Works of Christoph Willibald Gluck (Academy of Sciences and Literature, Mainz) and an assistant for church music (dramaturgy and concert organization) at the Propstei Rhein-Main in Wiesbaden. During her studies, she has also worked as a student assistant for the RISM Central Editorial Office (Frankfurt am Main) and as a tutor at the Department of Musicology. Her main interests are source studies, music edition, and links between the study and the practice of music.

Relevant Papers:
Mass Compositions by Stefano Felis in a Prague Choir Book (Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference, Prague 07/2017)
Prager Chorbücher im Bestand Hardenrath des Diözesanarchivs Köln (Musik vor 1600, Mainz 01/2018)
Prague Choir Books in Cologne: Stefano Felis as a guest in Rudolphine Prague (SoundMemories, Heidelberg 04/2018)
Messen um 1600 zwischen Prag und Köln. Die musikalische Stiftung des Jacobus Chimarrhaeus im Kontext der Kölner Hardenrath-Kapelle (Forschungskolloquium, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 06/2019)
Jacobus Chimarrhaeus’ musical foundation within the Cologne Hardenrath chapel (54. International Musicological Colloquium, Brno 11/2019)

Links: https://www.musikwissenschaft.uni-mainz.de/personen/laura-hafner-m-a/

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